Pure Booch Testimonials

Fabulous afternoon talking scoby’s and microbiome with the effervescent Paddy O’Connor. The new Pure Booch kombucha launches today and I can promise you it is the BEST authentic kombucha on the market. Nutrition nerds amongst you may be shy to try the flavoured versions but don’t be - the ginger & lime, grapefruit and cranberry versions are ‘grown up’ flavours without sweetness - refreshing, organic and max 1.8g sugar per 100ml. 
Thanks to Purity Brewing for helping to bring these wonderful drinks to market.


-Jules C

Nutritional Therapist

I'M OBSESSED! I met PureBooch at an event in June 2022 and spoke to Paddy, who is so lovely and genuinely cares about his product. The enthusiasm and joy he gets about talking about his experience with kombucha had already sold me on the product. But, when I tried it, I was hooked! PureBooch kombucha is incredible! As soon as I got home, I brought myself a 12-pack of cans of the grapefruit flavour and have one every morning! It tastes delicious, and you know it's doing wonders for your body with the live bacteria makes it even better! I struggle with bloating quite a lot, but I've already noticed a difference in myself from drinking the PureBooch. It's only been a few days! IT IS INCREDIBLE! 5* RATING AND TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT IT! 


- Lydia RF


The grapefruit is a classy, mature flavour that’s not sweet, which I find refreshing as everything these days just screams sugar and too much! But it’s nice to have a sharp, sophisticated drink that is not sweet. I also liked the fact you used in the packaging, paper
brown masking tape, not plastic. Better for the planet and easier to recycle.

-Sophie B