Why Pure Booch?

We brew Booch the right way.


Pure Booch is authentically slowed brewed pure Kombucha.


Unlike other brands on the market its raw and unpasteurised keeping it real with live cultures and bacteria.


Pure Booch is low in sugar, naturally flavoured and free from preservatives.

For us, respecting the traditional craft of brewing kombucha is essential to a good quality booch.


So, we go out of our way to brew slow (with a live SCOBY) and do things right. Even if that makes it more difficult.

We understand the importance of slow.


Slowly is the right way to brew kombucha, it’s what makes it authentic. Slow ensures the bacteria properly ferments.


It is also what gives the fermented tea its flavour and natural fizz.

Pure Booch is brewed using a mixture of ethically and sustainably grown green and black tea leaves, sugar cane, water and sugar.


We also bottle onsite, using environmentally conscious packing.

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